Low Disk Space fix

28 March 2014

Dealing with Low Disk Space on “Filesystem root”

Too many containers, images, snapshots, etc.

So, I guess it seems obvious now that my first attempt resizing /home was pointless since more times than not the message does really tell you something about the problem. After reading (ok, scanning) the info in the references. The following did the trick:

    # lvextend -L +30GB /dev/system/root
    # btrfs filesystem resize +30GB / 

Naturally, your (my other) system may/will have other paths and the space must be available.

  • How do I know if I can extend and by how much?

    # vgs
  • How do I know where docker is storing it’s containers and images?

    • on recent machines they have been /dev/dm-1
  • References: